country (kun'tri)
adj. 1. pertaining, or peculiar to, one's own country; native. 2. rural, rustic. 3. churlish, rude.

girl (gurl)
n. 1. a female child, a maiden. 2 a female servant. 3. a sweetheart.

these 'toons make no sense at all unless you read them from the bottom up; but, do what you want.....

--kuntri gurl, aka bbear, aka brenna




orgasmic bike rides

a new anniversary

cat drama and a sloppy roommate


I tried, I tired.

a fresh start

After a 2-year break in my 'toon project, I'm back online and also offline, drawing autobiographical comics the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. Here is my new 'toon journal, "600 More Things to Make." As if I need a longer list!
I got obsessed with bookbinding when I needed to start making my own sketchbooks, around 2008.
It's a double-Coptic stitched book (using 2 curved needles and 2 colors of waxed linen thread) with pages measuring 14 x 16 centimeters. This format is nicely portable; the stitching style opens completely flat and allows for easy scanning. The paper is Stonehenge because that's been my favorite for a long time. It takes heavy erasing beautifully! I do a LOT of erasing.


a devastating loss

This is the drawing that got me back into my comix journal, a few weeks back. Even though there were still some blank pages left, I had to start a new book after this. 
I'm trying to live my life the way CSO would cheer me on to, but I don't think I've ever cried so much, even today. RIP, my friend.


I should amend cleans some; the other one, NEVER. But at least one of them is considerate, pleasant, mature.

new year, new home

Not on Lopez anymore

First Beach

Moving off of an island is not easy. After a bunch of trips back and forth, I spent one night in my new digs in La Conner and then went out to spend some time with my sister on the beach.

new technology


Thank goddess I quit smoking tobacco! I hiked Sauk Mountain recently and it was way easier than what I remembered.


we have rabbits

torty's new digs

for new year's day i helped my sis move.